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Know your Oil Boilers!

There are 3 types of Oil Boilers that can be installed and used as a source of hot water

  1. Combi Boiler (or combination boiler).
  2. Regular Boiler (or traditional/conventional boiler).
  3. System Boiler.


Combi boilers provide heating and hot water directly from your boiler whilst regular and system boilers heat your central directly and produce hot water for your domestic hot water cylinder.

Situations where an oil fired combi boiler are best suited include:

  • You live in a flat/bungalow with little or no roof space.
  • You want to convert your loft into an habitable room, requiring the removal of loft tanks.
  • You require hot water ‘on tap’.
  • You have a seperate annex for a family member.


Note: The siting of the combi boiler is very important as it loses efficiency when there are long draw offs (pipe runs to taps, showers e.t.c.).

Situations where an oil fired system/traditional boiler are best suited include:

  • You require a system that allows the use of several draw offs (taps, baths, showers e.t.c.) at once.
  • You have low cold mains pressure coming into the property.
  • Your property has bathrooms, kitchens e.t.c. a long distance from each other and/or boiler siting.


Before selecting a boiler for installation, it is important to discuss your needs with your OFTEC registered oil engineer. Contact us now and let us help you get the right boiler.

My stop-cock doesn’t turn off the water, what should I do?

stop-cockFirst, locate your outside shut-off valve. This is normally located between the road and the property boundary. Use this in an emergency.

Next, it is prudent to call out a plumber to replace the stop-cock in your property.

Generally, this is a relatively inexpensive job and potentially could save you thousands of pounds should you have a leak and are unable to turn off your water supply quickly.

You can help your plumber by describing the position of the stop-cock (under the sink? in the bathroom? in the hall?), the type of stop-cock (colour and material) and any other labelling or markings. All this information helps as they will have a better chance of bringing the right item on the first visit.