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Spring – The Perfect Time For a Boiler Service

oil-boiler-serviceAs summer approaches and the bitter cold nights of the winter disappear from our mind so do our thought move from our heating to the sunny delights of Bermuda shorts and ice lollies. Spring and summer is the ideal time to have your boiler serviced and/or have work carried out on your heating system. The benefits of having heating work carried out in these months include:

1 -The greater availability of your OFTEC registered engineer (winter months tend to see us busy with breakdowns and emergency boiler replacements).

2- A service can identify potential remedial work and system upgrades which can then be carried out when the need to have the heating turned off won’t affect the household to the degree that it would do during the winter.

3- External Oil boilers should ideally be worked on in the dry as water and electrics don’t mix. Many winter services are called off due to unsuitable weather conditions, i.e. rain leading to a new appointment having to be scheduled.

4- Many engineers increase their prices during the winter months. (NOT US!)