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Be Proactive, Summer heating checks You Need To Do


It’s that time of year again, the time to be pro-active and think about your heating system before you need it.

Before the ‘heating season’ gets into full swing and all the good engineers are fully booked, it is prudent to get your boiler serviced. If you already have servicing done at a different time of year then now is the time to carry out a few checks for yourself.

  1. The chances are that you haven’t had your heating on much these past few months, so the next day that it’s ‘nippy’ or you have washing that needs drying, turn your heating on. Check that each radiator gets hot and that the room thermostat works.
  2. Check that isolation valves turn on and off and aren’t stiff.
  3. Check oil level in your tank, oil suppliers prices are generally lower during the summer months.
  4. Make sure you can locate and turn off your mains stopcock and also your external mains isolation valve (usually with the meter).
  5. Check your immersion heater works (If you have one). This should only be used as a back up, but it is wise to have it working before needing it.
  6. If your boiler hasn’t been serviced this year, now is the time to get this done.
    A service and safety check will increase the efficiency of your boiler and could flag up any potential problems with your heating system, meaning you spend less time without heating and hot water when you need it the most.

Missing An Annual Service Can Affect Your Safety And Cost You More

wasting moneyMissing an annual service does more than costing you money in the long term. There is also safety to consider. When a qualified engineer performs a correctly done service they can check on many things…

Excessive smoke and partially burnt fuel can deposit itself in the heat exchanger in the form of soot, restricting the transfer of heat to the water in the heating system. A clean heat exchanger will transfer more heat giving you better efficiency. According to OFTEC, 3 mm of soot build up can bring about a drop of 8 {91bdfdb8e6beefb03730d8f87ad81b2cee89b80dc73190e0f9e6bd796d0945f5} in efficiency.

Photocells, which detect the light in the heat exchanger(the flame) can glaze over or get specks of dust/soot on them, this can cause the boiler to shut down. Boilers that frequently switch on and off are less efficient than those that run for a longer periods.

Electrodes create the spark that lights the oil/air mix inside your boiler, over time these can become worn and attract soot, if in poor condition, these may not produce the ‘correct’ spark causing the boiler to lock out. Also, if these aren’t positioned correctly, they can cause flame infringement further still lessening the efficiency of the boiler.

Oil nozzles are replaced every 12 months for a reason, they are a consumable that wear over time affecting fuel combustion, they could cause ‘sooting up’ of the heat exchanger due to too much fuel passing through.

Baffle plates, if not cleaned regularly can attract deposits which make it impossible to remove and clean them,again causing a loss in efficiency.

The service allows the engineer the opportunity to inspect the boiler and tank and make it as efficient and safe as possible.

Spring – The Perfect Time For a Boiler Service

oil-boiler-serviceAs summer approaches and the bitter cold nights of the winter disappear from our mind so do our thought move from our heating to the sunny delights of Bermuda shorts and ice lollies. Spring and summer is the ideal time to have your boiler serviced and/or have work carried out on your heating system. The benefits of having heating work carried out in these months include:

1 -The greater availability of your OFTEC registered engineer (winter months tend to see us busy with breakdowns and emergency boiler replacements).

2- A service can identify potential remedial work and system upgrades which can then be carried out when the need to have the heating turned off won’t affect the household to the degree that it would do during the winter.

3- External Oil boilers should ideally be worked on in the dry as water and electrics don’t mix. Many winter services are called off due to unsuitable weather conditions, i.e. rain leading to a new appointment having to be scheduled.

4- Many engineers increase their prices during the winter months. (NOT US!)