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A quick look at three types of shower for your bathroom

Showers in the bathroom have become the modern luxury that we really don’t think about. We using it everyday but only really think about them when they go wrong or we want a new one fitted. What sort you have fitted depends on your existing plumbing and your needs.

The main types of shower appliances

  • Electric showers
    These are supplied by a single 15mm water pipe and an electrical cable, they work in a similar fashion to a kettle and come in a variety of power options.
  • Power shower
    Quite often confused with the electric shower, these are supplied by two water pipes and an electrical, they contain a pump within their valve which increases the pressure of the water.
  • Mixer shower
    These are supplied by two water pipes and use the tanks in the loft to supply the pressure, or alternatively a combi-boiler. These can, where the situation allows have a pump fitted to increase the pressure.


The shower fitted needs to be suitable for the hot water system you have, for example, if you have cold mains water to your shower and a tank fed hot water supply you would require a thermostatic shower mixer valve to make eliminate the risk of scolding.

Electric showers need the correct size of cable in relation to their output.

Showers can also be incorporated as part of your bath taps but care needs to be taken as the cold and hot water supply can be at differing pressures. Make sure you take advice.