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5 Simple Tips To Prevent Fat Blocked Pipes



Every year I get dozens of call-outs to blocked sinks, basins and baths. Not a nice job for the plumber and not always that cheap for the householder.

Fat drained from fried food, for example, when cooled will return to it’s solid state. This will mix with food pieces, hair and all manner of other things and lead to blocked waste traps and pipes.

Not only does this block your pipes but it also helps to create blockages in the main sewer pipes under our towns and cities. This is costing the tax payers millions per year, something that Burton-on-Trent knows about as it’s the worst for blocked drains.

There are several things we as home owners can do to help prevent this.

  • Only flush normal human waste and toilet paper
  • Tampons, face wipes, sanitary towels and ear buds should all go in the black bin.
  • Drain cooking fats into your black bin.
  • Be aware of ‘industrial strength’ sink un-blocker. Some products will ‘burn’ through your plastic pipes!
  • Buy a sink strainer to collect long hair and food bits. Then empty this into your black bin