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Start Your Career As A Plumber If You Want Fame And Fortune!


Being a plumbing and heating engineer is a great job and career. It’s also gives a great start in life if your aim is fame and fortune! Here’s a few famous name who started out in the trade…

Zinzan Brooke:

After serving his apprenticeship, Zinzan juggled his pipe fiddling with his true passion, egg chasing. Unfortunately for the world of plumbing and anyone on the end of a Zinzan Brooke tackle Zinzan decided to go professional as a rugby player. A very talented forward, he is considered one of the all time great Number 8’s. 58 caps for the All Blacks plus numerous non test match internationals attest to this.  Now retired from the rugby world, he runs a Bed and Breakfast in Windsor with his wife.

Charles Dance OBE:

The legendary actor, star of films such as The Golden Child, Alien 3 and many R.S.C. productions, in an interview Charles described his worst ever job as a plumbers mate. Maybe he was upset at not being allowed to solder pipes!!

Screaming Lord Sutch:

It’s often been said, you have to be mad to be a plumber.. well..David Edward Sutch was such a man. In the 1950’s before he became a well loved politician, young Edward was an apprentice plumber. The career wasn’t for him, with aspirations to be a musican Screaming Lord Sutch left the trade for a life of rock and roll. and politics! He never forgot his roots, often performing with a toilet seat around his neck he also campaigned for heated toilet seats for pensioners. An interesting figure, who left us for the great ballot box in the sky in 1999.

 Michael Flatley:

Following his father into plumbing, Michael took his plumbing career further than most of our other famous plumbers, even setting up his own business. It wasn’t treading his father’s footsteps which made him millions and Michael decided jumpy leg only dance moves on an epic scale was his real passion.

Michael Caine:

Between serving in the Korean war and acting, Michael served time on the pipes as a plumbers assistant (mate). Not a lot of people know that!

Sir Thomas Finney, C.B.E.:

Before being allowed to sign for Preston North End, a young Thomas served his plumbing apprenticeship in the family’s plumbing business. Often described as one of England’s greatest footballers, Sir Thomas Finney sadly passed away earlier this year. Preston’s and Thomas’s status was such that they were referred to as ‘The Preston plumber and his ten drips’.

Honourable mention:

Albert Einstein: “If I could do it all again, I’d be a plumber