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When To Invest In A New Boiler

oil-boilerA shiny new boiler including installation can cost as little as £2000.00, though this is dependent on many factors. They include upgrades that might be needed for the heating system, the quality of boiler installed, the positioning and of course the tradesman.

If your boiler is over 30 years old the likelihood is that it is due for replacement, parts may be difficult and expensive to source and the efficiency won’t be that great.

If you are intending to have an extension, new kitchen e.t.c. then you might want to consider whether your boiler is in the right place for you and where the positioning of a future boiler may have to be. Your current boiler positioning may not be suitable for a new boiler due to flue and fire-valve considerations for example.

If your boiler is breaking down regularly, again, it might be wise to put those call out costs towards a new efficient, reliable boiler.