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What You Should Do After an oil delivery

oil deliveryAfter your oil top up you should wait around 2 hours before firing up your boiler. The reason behind this is that the new oil being delivered will unsettle any crud/water e.t.c. at the bottom of your tank. This can then flow into your oil line and block your filter/pump causing an unnecessary call out. Giving the tank oil time to settle will help prevent this.

If your boiler starts smoking…

If you notice that your boiler is smoking, then, very simply you need to turn it off and call your heating engineer. The problem will not remedy itself!

Turn your boiler off at the controls (programmer/timer), boiler isolation switch or the switch on the boiler itself. It would also be prudent to turn off the supply of oil to the boiler. This can be done at the tank or if you have one, a small isolation valve just inside your boiler casing.