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Plumbers in the movies

fatty-arbuckleNot considered the most glamorous profession,plumbing engineers have still managed to appear in several movies over the years. One of the first films was directed by real life plumber/handyman Fatty Arbuckle. “Ex-plumber” came out in 1931, just two years before his death in 1933.

Other notable films with plumbers as big characters include:

“Carry on cowboy” sees Jim Dale playing Marshall P Knutt taking on Sid James ‘The Rumbo Kid’ after being mistaken for a US peace marshall.

“Bound” sees ex-con Gina Gershon team up with Jennifer Tilly to steal millions of dollars from the Mafia.

“Rammbock (Siege of the dead)” sees young apprentice plumber Harper teaming up with Michael and a few other residents in an escape plot from their zombie-infested apartment block.

“Kenny”- Possible the most famous (and only) film involving a portaloo plumber in Australia. A documentary film crew follow our hero Kenny on his day to day dealings with customers, kid, ex-wife and father. A wonderful film.