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Oil Boiler Service

There are no legal requirements for oil boiler servicing, however, your boiler provides heating and hot water for your house. Why do so many people neglect it? Should you wait until there is a problem before getting it checked over?

A regular, yearly service will ensure that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. It will also help to identify any future problems.  This will save you money in the future by stopping small problems becoming bigger ones. However there are other benefits…

The benefits of having regular oil boiler servicing by Moffat Heating & Plumbing are:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased boiler life
  • Early warnings of potential parts failure
  • Compliance with many boiler manufacturers guarantee
  • Peace of mind

Actions performed during an annual oil boiler service:

  • Visual inspection of boiler
  • Clean and inspect combustion chamber inlcuding baffle plates
  • Clean and inspect burner (electrodes, fan, motor, photo-cell e.t.c.)
  • Replace nozzle (jet)
  • Clean and inspect filter (replace cartridge if necessary)
  • Inspect oil hoses (replace if necessary)
  • Visual inspection of oil-line (filter, fire-valve)
  • Visual inspection of oil storage (tank)
  • Combustion checks
  • Clean and tidy work area
  • Offer recommendations to householder

Price list :-  

Call Out (1st 2 hours included)

  • £75.00 + parts (for new customers)
  • £65.00 + parts (if service was previously carried out by MHP in the last 12 months)

Oil Boiler Service

  • £100.00 + parts

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